Leap Facebook Sweepstakes and Tabs

A custom Facebook solution to keep Leap's fans engaged, informed and rewarded.

The Client

For LeapNZ, a Facebook tab was the perfect solution for providing their active 10K+ Facebook audience with important information on the Leap Dunedin and Hamilton branches. The Sweepstakes tab was a great way to keep their Facebook fans rewarded and for Leap to build their email subscriber list.

Leap are able to:

Run custom, fortnightly competitions. The competitions encourage newsletter sign-ups and promote ongoing engagement with the Leap facebook page and brand. Leap are able to administer and edit their own competitions on the sweepstake tab.

The tabs provide easy access to brand information for their customers and another channel to subscribing to their newsletter.

  • Provide google maps location
  • Hours for the different locations
  • Contact information
  • Encourage subscribers for targeted emails
  • Drive traffic to their website
  • Sweepstakes are interesting and engaging rewards for their customers
  • Tabs and sweepstakes are mobile capable.
Leap FIrefly Creative Facebook Tab
Leap Firefly Creative sweepstakes tab

100+ email addresses collected

10% increase web visits via Facebook

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