Why custom website design is important for your business

May 10th, 2016 / Marketing Strategy, Website Design, Wordpress

The face of business is changing. Co-working spaces, cloud-based services and e-commerce sites mean businesses no longer need an office or storefront. As a result, a website is often the first interaction potential clients or customer will have with a business.

Investing in a compelling, user-driven design is crucial to making a great first impression. This is best achieved through custom website design and goal driven execution.

Your website is your reputation

It’s important to think of your website like it’s your office or shopfront. It will display your goods, sell your services and enable conversations with potential customers. It may even allow for interactions with a larger audience if you have a social feed.

Custom website design

Your website is your main sales tool

Your website will convince (or not convince) your audience of the credibility of your brand. A poorly designed or hard to navigate website will speak volumes to your customers about how much you value your product or service.

Today’s consumer is tech savvy

Today’s sophisticated visitors won’t give your website a second glance if the interface is designed on the cheap.  A free or stock website will lack goal-driven design, resulting in a confusing experience for your customers.

Great websites generate results. They are designed to engage customers and drive business. They have compelling content, clear goals and are designed with the target audience in mind. This, in turn, creates a seamless user-experience that will result in increased leads, sales and referrals.

Firefly Creative follow a robust process to ensure we create great websites that generate results.

Author: Liz Wood

When Liz isn't managing projects or dabbling in design work - she's researching & writing about all things digital.

Author: Liz Wood