5 tips to ensure customers open your email

November 11th, 2016 / Content Strategy, Email Marketing

You’ve got a cracker subscriber list and you’re firing out emails, but they have a below average open rate (check our some great stats on industry benchmarks).

So, how do you get customers to read your emails?

Let’s face it, many business emails are Boring with a capital B.  The average consumer inbox is bombarded with marketing content, so why should customers see your email as any different?

Anticipated, personal and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited junk. – Seth Godin

We’ve pulled together 5 key pointers to help your email marketing interest and engage your customers.

1. Write a killer subject line.

This is point 1 for a reason. Potential readers want to know how reading your email is going to add value to their day. It’s likely your email won’t get opened if your customers don’t find your subject line compelling.

Always ask yourself WHY your customer should spend five minutes of their time reading your email. Then consider how you can convey that message in a short, attention-grabbing subject line.

You could announce a deal, put a limited time on it, target your customer based on their spending history. Targeted subject lines are great for getting people to take action: Tracey, VIPS only 50% off all dresses until midnight tonight.

2. Personalise

It’s nice to feel a message is just for you. Even if the same communication has gone out to 1,000 other people, adding your customer’s name to the subject line will make what you have to say seem more important.

Dale Carnegie sums it up best: ‘Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language’.

3. Segment your mailing list

Ensure your message is reaching the right audiences by grouping your subscribers accordingly. If you have news relevant to Auckland your Wellington-based customers don’t need to know about it!

Most email marketing platforms have a function for segmenting subscribers (eg. by city, interest, VIP status). The more often you send out irrelevant content, the less opens and the more unsubscribes you’ll get.

4. Spell check

Nothing says ‘I don’t care about quality’ like spelling errors in professional communications. There is no excuse for spelling or grammatical errors.

If grammar isn’t your strong point, get a team member or friend/family to read over your email first. Remember, it’s not just one mistake – it’s potentially hundreds of mistakes (depending on how big your emailing list it).

Grammarly is a great, free browser extension that will ensure you’re never without a spellchecker.

5. Test, test and test again

The scary thing about email is that all it takes is the quick click of a ‘send’ button and your communication has fired out to a list of thousands.

Make sure you send yourself and members of your team your email before the final delivery. It’s amazing how unexpected issues crop up when somebody else takes a look!

Your audience will be using a variety of platforms (Mail, Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, smartphones) to read your email. Most Email marketing platforms have a ‘design’ test function, this is a great tool to ensure your email will look good for all of your customers.

We highly recommend using  Litemail
– our email marketing platform. Check out our client – New Zealand Homeloan’s awesome email campaign.

Author: Liz Wood

When Liz isn't managing projects or dabbling in design work - she's researching & writing about all things digital.

Author: Liz Wood